Training methods


"Every day you can improve some part of your game, just think possitive!"

Training Methods:

On-court tennis practice:

  • The main part of the on-court training is based on drills and exercises with coach and sparring partners.
  • 1 – 4 players on the court practise together with one coach, who works with the same group the whole week. This is the best way to give players maximum information and to manage their daily training programme on the basis of an understanding of their level and needs.
  • The training groups are remixed during the week: each player gets the chance to play with everyone else and always trains with good sparring partner.
  • Personal coaches are welcome to discuss this part of training and each player can have own training programme for every day.

Special drills to improve:

  • 1st and 2nd serve, tactical trainings
  • forhand and backhand from base line, cross and lines
  • changing speed and rhythm of the game
  • different rotation and speed of the shots
  • winning shots from base line, winning volleys
  • passing shots
  • how to improve your timing
  • modern defensive play, how to do no mistakes
  • big points – tactical training
  • approaching shots with volleys
  • dropshot and lob - interersting part of modern tennis game
  • modern offensive tennis play, succesfull way to win the game

On-court fitness training:

Special exercises for:

  • coordination
  • reaction on court
  • footwork on court
  • special speed on court
  • speed of playing arm and wrist
  • hand - eye coordination
  • maximum and sub-maximum speed

Off-court fitness training:

On the athletic track:

  • footwork
  • skipping rope
  • special athletic training for acceleration, middle long and long distance
  • leg strength and muscles coordination

In the weight room:

  • body and weight lifting
  • circuit training
  • training in intervals

Fitness training at games area:

As a part of fitness training:

  • soccer
  • volleyball
  • floorball
  • mini-tennis
  • basketball
  • ...and many others games


Every day, during the training programme or evenings, each player can use the swimming pool, jacuzzi and massages from a professional physiotherapist .This regeneration programme will be tuned to personal players wishes and personal coaches requirements.

Whole week we will teach players special excercises to relax body right after matches or training lessons.